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The Invicta blog is a go-to resource for homeowners when deciding to buy a new garage door for their home. It is a place to find information on a variety of topics from garage door styles to curb appeal, and more. 

6 Different Garage Door Material Types. How to choose? Featured Image

6 Different Garage Door Materials – How to Choose

Different garage door materials are suited to different environments. We look at the different garage door materials and uses.
12 questions to ask when buying a new garage door featured image.

12 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Garage Door

When you are looking into buying a new garage door for your home, we look at what important questions to ask.
Considering a new garage door? tips to help you decide featured image.

Considering a new garage door? Tips to help decide

When looking at buying a new garage door, there are a few important things to keep in mind. We go over those in this article.
Garage Door Maintenance and when is the best time to call a professional featured image.

Garage Door Maintenance – Best Times To Call a Professional

Your garage door can last over 30 years with proper maintenance. We want to help you get the most life out of your garage door
Garage door updates foe better curb appeal featured image

Garage Door Updates for Better Curb Appeal

When it comes to the curb appeal of your home, one area that is often overlooked is the garage door. The decision to make garage
Different garage door styles and what one to choose featured image.

Different Garage Door Styles & What One to Choose

Invicta Door offers multiple garage door styles and options to make your garage door unique. Understanding the different styles will help you make the best


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