Different Garage Door Styles & What One to Choose

Different Garage Door Styles & What One to Choose

Different garage door styles and what one to choose featured image.

Invicta Door offers multiple garage door styles and options to make your garage door unique. First, we will look at the main differences between long and short panel styles. Understanding the difference will help you make the best decision.

Long and Short – The Difference  

If you are looking for a bolder and more traditional look for your home, then a short panel style would be your choice. Short panel style garage doors have 4 small rectangles typically across a single garage door and 8 on double doors. If you are looking for a clean and refined style, long panel would be your choice. Long panel style garage doors have only 2 rectangles across a single door and 4 on double doors. In the end, the style you go with comes down to personal preference.

Bronze Long Raised Panel Garage Door on a Craftsman Home
<em>Long Raised Panel <em>
White Short Raised Panel Garage Door with Waterton Windows on a Craftsman Style Home
<em>Short Raised Panel<em>

Raised Panel Design

Raised-panel garage doors are the most popular style. They come in both short and long raised panels. What makes this style popular is the classic and timeless look they offer with simple design details that complement most home designs.

Short Raised Panel Garage door image on a house.
Raised Panel Garage Door - Long Panel Design

Raised panel garage doors are stamped steel doors that have a small recessed exterior border with a slightly raised interior surface that provide a traditional look. Invicta offer multiple raised panel options to give your door a unique look.

Carriage House Panel Design

Carriage house panel garage doors offer a blend of traditional design with attractive style. Like raised panel garage doors, carriage house panels are offered from Invicta in both short and long. Invicta short, carriage-house panels feature a raised grooved surface with added vertical detailing for more definition and depth. Short, carriage-house panels require minimal maintenance and add curb appeal to any home.

Carriage House Garage Door Image
Carriage House Panel Garage Door

Flush Panel

A clean and minimalist design, Invicta flush panel garage doors combine a wood-grain embossment with a smooth, unstamped finish. Invicta flush panels create a simple finish, and are long lasting, requiring minimal maintenance.

Flush Panel Garage Door with Windows
Flush Panel Garage Door

Plank Panel

Plank panel garage doors are one of the more unique garage door designs offered by Invicta. This type of garage door has multiple thin, horizontal pencil grooves with 4 horizontal sections per panel. Plank design will fit perfectly on any style of house, particularly ranch styles or homes with strong horizontal statements. It’s the new take on clean modern design with the same sturdy steel frame as our other styles offering additional durability.

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