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You take a lot of pride in your home, so why choose any garage door? Make it distinctively yours with Invicta Door!

“Garage doors take up a large area on the front of your house. At Invicta Door, we want to help you celebrate your garage door to make it an extension of your home.”

Matthew McAlear CEO of Invicta Door

We’ll help your home stand out like the neighborhood gem it is. Let’s start by adding the charm back into your garage! We’ll walk you through the different styles, insulation and color options to find what will make your house sing!

Bronze Short Raised Panel Garage Door on Craftsman Home

Short Raised Panel Color: Bronze | Windows: Cascade | Glass: Obscured

Compare Invicta Residential Construction

Designing a new garage door comes with a plethora of choices: color, panel style, windows, but most importantly, insulation type. This decision will affect the R-value, climate control and even sound proofing properties of your new garage door. Invicta Door offers three insulation choices for garage doors: no insulation, double layer insulation or triple layer insulation. 

      No Insulation
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Polystyrene Vinyl Back
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Polystyrene Sandwich
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No Insulation

A strong, durable door that’s cost effective while still adding style to your home. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles.

Polystyrene Vinyl Back

For garages with a living space next to or above them, adding insulation helps to dampen the sounds of an active garage so your home stays cozy and quiet.

Polystyrene Sandwich

To truly make your garage part of your home, you need it to look just as good inside as it does outside! insulation folded between two steel panels adds the class and functionality to your new hang out space!

Looking for quality garage doors for your business?

Invicta has what you need to keep your business safe and secure with a wide range of commercial door options.

Learn more about our range of commercial doors, including product specification sheets,
material options and all the accessories you need to get running again.

Deep Ribbed

A stylishly modern design with a specifically laid out set of paneled ribs. Invicta Door deep ribbed commercial doors pair well with most commercial garage door lifts and offer a a durable design fit to weather the elements.

Flush Panel

A blend of sturdy functionality and stylish, minimalist design, flush panel garage doors are perfect for owners who prefer a higher degree of customizable control. 

Pencil Groove

A higher volume of panels to fit most commercial high or semi-high lift garage door openers. Invicta Door pencil groove doors offer a high degree of functionality while adding a flash of modern flair.

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06 Model - Non-Insulated

24 Gauge • Pan Style • Single Sided Steel

Residential Construction for the 06 Model Garage Door

A practical choice for homeowners and contractors, Invicta Door® 06 models are a non-insulated, pan-style garage door. Constructed with a single layer of 24-gauge sheet metal, they are long-lasting and relatively maintenance-free.


14 Model - Insulated

24 Gauge • Pan Style • Polystyrene Vinyl Back 

Residential Construction for the 14 Model Garage Door

With an added layer of polystyrene insulation and an interior
vinyl backer, double layer garage doors are a terrific choice if
you have an attached garage.


18 Model - Insulated

27 Gauge • Sandwich Style • Polystyrene 

Residential Construction for the 18 Model Garage Door

Sandwich style garage doors offer the highest level of R-values
and insulation of any garage door types. I
nsulated doors
supply unequaled climate control and sound barriers.

Manufactured by SSC

At SSC, our customers know quality and industry expertise is what you will experience. This holds true with the Invicta Door garage door line. 



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