Considering a new garage door? Tips to help decide

Considering a new garage door? Tips to help decide

Considering a new garage door? tips to help you decide featured image.

Your garage door works tirelessly to keep your home safe and secure from the harsh elements along with protecting your garage from any unwanted guests. It is vital that you keep your garage door safe and up to date. When looking at buying a new garage door, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

First, make sure to see if the original door needs replacing. The average garage door lasts for about 10,000 cycles (the door opening and closing once equals one cycle) before general wear and tear can take its toll. This usually takes about five to seven years to achieve with the door being used approximately four to five times a day.

If you are facing an issue that necessitates replacing your door before the end of its lifespan, the issue may in fact be repairable and worth looking into. 

A number of things may be preventing your garage door from functioning properly: 

  1. The first thing you should check are the batteries in your garage door remote. Replacing the batteries or just standing closer to the door often remedies the issue. 
  2. Another very common cause for garage door issues is obstructions to the photo eyes. Photo eyes are extremely sensitive and can be blocked by dust, stray objects, or even by being slightly misaligned.  
  3. Your door can also fall into disarray through a general lack of maintenance. Check-ups from a local garage door service expert for both your door and operator are great for catching issues you may not otherwise see, as well as getting the issue resolved quickly.
  4. In the case of a malfunctioning garage door opener, however, repair may unfortunately not be a viable option. Safety hazards often present themselves when the opener is old or damaged and can prevent you from closing an open door, leaving you vulnerable. If this ends up being your primary issue, then it is the operator that will need either repaired or replaced.

Once you have determined that the issue extends beyond these possibilities, it may be ideal to look into purchasing a replacement.

After deciding that you will actually need to buy a garage door, make sure you know what type of door your garage needs. 

For a residential garage, your door will not only protect your garage, but will enhance your home. Most residential doors are made to emulate the feel of natural wood and can have customized colors, along with a variety of panel styles to best match your home. 

For a commercial garage, your door needs to be sturdy enough to protect your business while offering professional style. While often less customizable, commercial doors offer a strong balance between functionality and flair. 

Make sure you also buy a new garage door track to accompany your door. Each garage door set-up is tailored to work with certain track types. Replacing the original track not only ensures your new garage door is safe, but it also ensures that your new set-up will operate as smoothly as possible. 

It’s important to note that when it’s time to install a new garage door, the process should be left completely to the garage door installation professional. The process of unwinding a torsion spring to release the door is extremely dangerous, and it should only be handled by a professional. With all of your bases covered, you’re ready to buy your brand-new garage door. 

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