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Invicta Door is dedicated to providing the highest quality garage door service possible. This includes answering any probing questions you have or helping you to solve any garage door problems you may be experiencing.  

No matter how the garage door industry grows and changes in the future, we will be here to keep you updated on all the latest information on residential and commercial doors. 


Whether you have questions about garage door maintenance, or are deciding to buy a door to begin with, you can troubleshoot any issues you have with our specialty FAQ page.


Learn more about your garage door warranty. When life throws the unexpected at you and your garage door, Invicta has you covered.


Take advantage of our wide array of residential and commercial manuals and info sheets!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Buy

Calling a garage door industry professional can help you determine if your garage door should be repaired or even replaced. Make sure to check the status of the garage door opener, as it is often the opener that requires attention and service before the door itself.

Having a properly functioning garage door is key to keeping your garage safe, accessible, and functional. When the door isn’t operating correctly, several things could be causing the issue:  

Dead remote controls should be the first thing you check when you are unable to open your garage door. Replacing the batteries in the back of the remote or standing closer to the door often remedies the issue. 

Malfunctioning garage door openers can often lead to safety hazards when the opener is old or damaged. This can prevent you from closing an open door and leave you vulnerable to invasion. 

Obstructed photo eyes are a very common cause for garage door issues. As they are very sensitive, photo eyes can be blocked by dust, stray objects, or even by being slightly misaligned.  

General lack of maintenance can cause issues for garage doors. Check-ups from your local garage door service expert for your door and operator are a wise course of action. 

Unless you have a lot of technical knowledge and experience with garage door repair, it is highly recommended that you seek help from a garage door service professional. 

Regarding removing the door entirely, the process of unwinding a torsion spring to release the door is EXCEEDINGLY dangerous, and it should only ever be handled by a professional.  

That would be a resounding yes! We at Invicta are proud to say that our products, as well as those provided by other companies under the banner of The McAlear Group (i.e., Service Spring, Draincables Direct, IMM), are 100% American-made. 

Yes! At the top of our website, select our Build A Door tab to get started designing your ideal garage door today!


Whatever you do, don’t touch the cable or drum or attempt to operate the  
garage door. Call a garage door technician immediately to resolve the issue.   

While not all garage doors come insulated, we would recommend you choose an insulated garage door. With insulation, your door will have better temperature and airflow control as well as noise reduction. This helps your garage door accomplish its job of keeping the outdoors outside.


Every brand of garage door set-up is specifically tailored to work with certain track types. Not only is replacing the original track a way to ensure your new garage door is safe, but it also ensures that your new set-up will be as functional as possible. 

On average, it can take a trained professional just a few hours to safely install a new garage door. Installing a garage door by yourself can take several days and risks voiding warranties if the installation was performed incorrectly. Not only is hiring a professional the quicker and safer option, but the professional can even dispose of your previous door and track for you!

While strongly recommended that owners of manual garage doors install a handle onto their garage door, it is ultimately voluntary and up to the homeowner to decide. However, it would fall upon the homeowner to ensure that the manual operation of the door can be facilitated safely.  

Garage Door Maintenance

The lifespan of a garage door set-up is thousands of cycles long (opening and closing the garage door once = one cycle), which leaves room for a slew of wear and tear factors like:  

  • Springs and cables hoisting hundreds of pounds of garage door per day 
  • Dirt and debris getting up inside the rollers 
  • Weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, sleet, etc. causing warping and rusting 

Using roughly five gallons of warm water with about one cup of 0.5% or less phosphate detergent (phosphate percent should never be higher than this) and hand scrub with a soft cloth or sponge. Make sure to clean the top of the door as well as both sides of the weather-strips.  

Make sure not to pressure wash the door, scrub with any kinds of gritty or rough cloth, or bleach when cleaning your steel door. 

Invicta Resources

Easily download the resources below! Choose between the residential series info sheets or the residential and commercial info sheets or the residential and commercial manuals. 

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