Series 600

American Redwood Small Slate Residential Garage Door on a modular home

Our most unique garage door design will fit perfectly on any style of house, particularly ranch or homes with strong horizontal statements. It’s the new take on clean modern design with the same sturdy steel frame as our other styles, this fresh look doesn’t scrimp on durability.

Series 500

Featuring a symmetrical, elongated horizontal impression with added vertical detailing, long carriage-house panel garage doors create beautiful sight lines and definition on any garage door. Long carriage-house panels are a timeless statement piece built to last with minimal maintenance steel.

Series 400

A perfect blend between traditional design and attractive style, Invicta Door® short carriage-house panel garage doors feature a raised grooved surface with added vertical detailing for more definition and depth. Short carriage-house panels require minimal maintenance and can add curb appeal to any home.

Series 300

A clean and minimalist design, Invicta Door® flush panel garage doors combine a wood-grain embossment with a smooth, unstamped finish. Invicta Door® flush panels create a simple finish to the exterior of your home and are long lasting, requiring minimal maintenance.

Series 200

This panel features an elongated recessed edge with slightly raised interior surface that adds a slight detail to the classic garage door panel design. This long raised panel garage door is built to last with durable steel for strength and durability.

Series 100

Our most popular style will not disappoint. It packs a punch with great style and affordable prices. A strong steel-constructed door with a recessed edge and a slightly raised interior surface design will ensure your garage is resilient for years to come.

Manufactured by SSC

At SSC, our customers know quality and industry expertise is what you will experience. This holds true with the Invicta Door garage door line. 



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